Thursday, September 11, 2014


Passionate for Food? OR Are You a Food Critic?

Gladys Gatsby, an eleven year old, found herself in the middle of her kitchen, caught by her parents who displayed a shocking, disbelief when they found the kitchen curtains on fire. How? Well, all Gladys was trying to do was bake creme brulee!  Thanks to her aunt Lydia from Paris, Gladys' passion for baking started at the age of six.  Gladys would cook and bake while her parents were at work and they were completely unaware of her active role as a "chef." Gladys' passion was so strong that she could not keep away from the kitchen. She knew that her parents would disapprove of her using any kitchen appliances; this was a big no-no. However, the creme brulee disaster revealed her baking secrets and put an end to the kitchen activities for six months. Gladys' punishment included making friends, spending time on the computer among other ridiculous activities. 

Join Gladys as she goes through a series of crazy adventures to follow her passion and find out what Gladys would become.   

Tara Dairman's, All Four Stars is a fun, light read that encourages everyone to chase after their goals. 

For readers in grades 4-7.

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