Friday, June 20, 2014


Ariana thinks that things can't get much worse when her cousin, Laila, moves in with her family from Afghanistan.  Laila is the perfect daughter and a perfect lady while Ariana is... well, not.  To make it worse, their family spends a lot of time pointing out what Ariana can do to act more like Laila and when school starts, it feels like Laila is trying to steal Ariana's best friend.  

Living in the same room and working in the family store, Laila and Ariana act as rivals until a competing Afghan market opens in the same mall as their own family's store, and bad things start happening.  Is the new store undermining Kabul Corner and stealing their workers and business?  Or is there something bigger going on?  Find out in N.H. Senzai's novel for middle schoolers, Saving Kabul Corner.

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