Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Poached by Stuart Gibbs, author of Belly Up, Spy School, and Spy Camp is back with another hilarious and action packed adventure/mystery set once again in FunJungle.  

This time, he's starting at  a new school and the school bully decides it would be fun to drop a fake arm in the shark tank and watch the mayhem. Teddy winds up taking the fall for the shark incident because of his past history playing pranks and Marge, now head of security.  The fake arm is one thing but when the new loan, Kazu the Koala, from Australia comes to FunJungle goes missing, Marge suspects only one person, Teddy. He has to prove his innocence and get Kazu back before he's arrested  and sent to juvie.  

For readers in 6th grade and up. 

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