Monday, May 19, 2014


Thirteen-year-old Theodora Tenpenny’s grandfather’s last words to her before he dies are “It’s under the egg.” He tells her that there is a letter and a treasure under the egg, and she should find them before it’s  too late. Theo guesses that her grandfather meant the egg painting above the mantelpiece, under which she placed the best, most perfect egg from their chickens every day since she was little. As she is looking for the letter and the treasure under the egg, she accidentally spills a bottle of rubbing alcohol on the painting, which causes the paint to peel off and expose a different painting underneath. The painting looks suspiciously like a stolen masterpiece by a well-known artist, so Theo embarks on an adventure to find the real artist of the painting and its owner. Along the way, Theo will discover her grandfather’s secrets, a great deal of art and history, and a best friend.

Under the Egg has got it all - a page-turning mystery, art, history, and humor. It is a smart, witty book that has great writing and will continue to surprise the reader until the very last page. 

For grades 5-8.

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