Monday, March 10, 2014


Wilmer Dooley doesn't just love science, he LIVES science.  His family's motto, as any good scientist family's motto should be is: Observe!  And Observe Wilmer does.  He observes his absent-minded scientist dad forgetting his pants and his mom creating interesting dinner concoctions everyday.  He has recently observed that all of the kids in his school have suddenly begun to change colors and bounce off the walls (literally).  Wilmer doesn't want to just know why, though, he wants to find a cure!  Which would be easy if his scientist father let him use his lab.  But instead he must sneak into his biology teacher's lab when she isn't looking and hope he doesn't get caught.  Either by her or his archnemesis Claudius.  

Can he do it?  Can he save the school and win the 6th grade science fair medal?  Find out in The Contagious Colors of Mumpley Middle School by Fowler Dewitt for grades 5 and up.

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