Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Sierra is the picture perfect student.  She is a member of the leadership club, sings in the school choir The Octaves, and has only received one B in her middle school career.  So why is she suddenly risking expulsion? She understands her school's Zero Tolerance policy.  No drugs, no weapons, no exceptions.  Except what happens when you accidentally take your mom's identical lunch bag to school and inside is a paring knife for her apple?  And you turn it in right away?  

For Sierra, this means a week-long in-school suspension which might lead to an expulsion.  This seemingly unfair act calls into question Sierra's sense of fairness and right and wrong. In Zero Tolerance by Claudia Mills, Sierra learns that life and rules are not always black and white and people are not always what they seem on the outside.  For grades 6 and up.

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