Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Just because your last name is Failure doesn’t mean that you can’t be destined for great things. Just ask Timmy Failure, founder, president, and CEO of perhaps the nation’s greatest detective agency, Total Failure, Inc. Even though Timmy has his hands full cracking cases all over town (well, on his street, at least) he still has to deal with life’s little annoyances, like the fact that his corporate headquarters is located in his mom’s closet and his Segway (the Failuremobile) has been stolen by none other than his arch-nemesis. There’s also the fact that his business partner is useless (what else would you expect from a 1500 lb polar bear who is easily distracted by garbage cans and Rice Crispy treats?).

Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made by Stephan Pastis is the first book is what promises to be a hilarious series. Equal parts Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Calvin and Hobbes, Timmy Failure is more than just another entry in the “illustrated diary” genre that has become so popular lately. Readers will cheer Timmy’s successes just as much as they roll their eyes at his failures because, after all, nobody is perfect.

Grades 4 and up

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