Monday, November 04, 2013


A lone house cat named Rusty wonders what lies deep within the forest.  When he finally decides to break free from his familiar abode, he is forced to defend himself from another cat.  The cat is not an ordinary cat.  He is an apprentice cat who is learning to become a Warrior, the fiercest and strongest cats of all.  Rusty soon discovers that other cats have not always been pampered like him, and there are many cats- clans of cats- who struggle to survive.  The leader of one clan sees Rusty's potential to become a Warrior cat like others but is Rusty ready?

A thrilling cat adventure!!  Into The Wild by Erin Hunter is the first book in the original series. 

Visit the Glendale Library, Arts, & Culture Department's online database Novelist (K-8) for a list of books in any series.  Here are the books from the WARRIORS series.  Enjoy!

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