Friday, September 27, 2013


Have you ever wished for a wishing machine?  Something to grant you your heart's desire?  Benny's friend Ray draws him a wish machine on a piece of paper and encourages him to start making wishes and they'll all come true.  Benny looks at Ray like he's bonkers and throws the drawing to the side.  That is, until Benny's wishes start coming true - sort of.  Like when he wishes for ear plugs at night and ends up with head phones.  Is Ray playing a trick on Benny or is there a bigger surprise in store?

Ghosts, Cryptids, Kidnappings, and more can be found in this thrilling collection of short stories called Thriller, edited by Jon Scieszka, the man who brought you The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and Time Warp Trio.  Don't let the series title "Guys Read" fool you, these stories are great for all kids, guy or gal, in grades 5 and up.

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