Wednesday, September 25, 2013


A secret government agency. 
Two kids on the run. 
And one ruthless killer-with a fuzzy cotton tail. 

The professor in their apartment building is missing and two men in suits and dark glasses are sure desperate to find him.  Jeremy thought he had it made, a project all ready courtesy of the professor since he hadn't started on his at all and it's due - SOON!  It turns out that the fluffy rabbit thing is a jackalope, a mythical creature,  hidden in his hamper, who loves to drink alcohol.  Only Agatha, his other neighbor, classmate and the professor's former assistant also a science genius, can help him out of this jam.

Project  Jackalope by Emily Ecton has all the elements of a great spy action adventure caper. 

For readers in grades 4th -6th.

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