Friday, May 17, 2013


A review from Mr. B. at the Grandview branch: 

About a year ago, Max’s Dad died.  Long before that, a brain fever froze Max’s now teen-aged older brother Duncan’s heart and mind when he was very young.  Max goes to middle school; plays hockey when he can bring Duncan along and survive the harassment; and feeds and cares for his older brother in every way after school while mom works the night shift at a Chinese restaurant.  He is a budding adolescent and Maxed Out. This moving quick-read shows us a very caring but frustrated Max feeling more and more alone as his mother hides her grief in her work schedule and Duncan becomes increasingly difficult to manage. 

Author Daphne Greer draws an accurate and sympathetic picture of the innocent destruction Duncan causes his loved ones and his home.  Max eventually reaches out to a help line that opens the door to managing Duncan without having to institutionalize him. These warm and recognizable characters were all drawn from the author’s sixteen years working with special needs children and their families.  If you’ve had a special needs child or adult in your life, you will recognize them.  If you haven’t, this book will serve as a very real and sympathetic introduction.

Age: 10-13

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