Monday, May 13, 2013


Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Jamie who?
Jamie Grimm, the Planet's Funniest Kid.  Well, at least Long Island, NY.  Well, really Long Beach on Long Island in NY.  Okay, maybe just at Jamie's Middle School.  Or his Uncle's diner.  Or his house, where he lives with his aunt and her family who doesn't know how to smile and her son, the school bully.

Jamie Grimm is on a mission to make you laugh. He studies all the greats - Leno, Seinfeld, Simpson (Homer), and many many others. He knows the ins and outs of a good joke and can repeat ones from the greats and has many of his own up his sleeve. He also deals with bullies (including one who lives with him), girls, and life in a wheel chair, all with a smile and a joke as his shield.

I Funny by James Patterson will have kids in grades 5 and up in stitches, or at least rolling their eyes at the bad jokes.

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