Monday, January 28, 2013


A review from Mr. B. at the Grandview Branch 

How To Survive A Totally Boring Summer
By Alice Delacroix / illustrated by Cynthia Fisher

One of our after-school library youngsters saw How To Survive a Totally Boring Summer by Alice Delacroix on my desk, and said, “WOW! Are you reading that? It sure gave me some good ideas.” That’s when it struck me: until recently, Glendale’s elementary schools were on the “year round” system, and there were no long summer breaks. This charming “must read” for middle-grade students and their parents as they attempt to cope with summer breaks concerns Randall and Max and their friends during the long summer vacation between third and fourth grades. They form a chess club in the park; deal with a misunderstood school bully; pursue a lost pet; and come to terms with grumpy Senior Citizens and the library’s Summer Reading Club. Their adventurous summer is a fun read and as a bonus, author Delacroix includes several pages on how to play chess at the end of the story.

For readers ages 8-10, grades 3-4

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