Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Do you ever find yourself wishing you had a different name and that your parents had given you a shorter, funnier or cooler name?  Most probably you have and you even have thought about changing your name as soon as you are an adult.  However, imagine that your name was Cataline Magdalena Hoopensteiner Wallendiner Hogan Logan Bogan and you had to live with that name for the rest of your life...Now, your own name doesn't sound as strange or long does it?

CATALINA MAGDALENA HOOPENSTEINER WALLENDINER HOGAN LOGAN BOGAN WAS HER NAME is by TEDD ARNOLD and you are going to just love this book.  Unfortunately, her name is not the only thing that is unusual...

While others use their toes to stand on their feet, she puts them in her nose, while others use their eyes to see straight, she uses them to see left and right...You have to read this story to find out how her name gets even longer than what it already was...

For grades 1st and up.

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