Friday, September 07, 2012


Franny has a lot of problems.  Her best friend is being mean to her.  Her sister is receiving secret letters in the mail and won't tell her about them.  Her brother is Mr. Perfect.  Her Uncle thinks he is still in World War II.  And, as if growing up a normal kid wasn't hard enough, her country is in  the middle of the Cold War.  Its 1962 and Franny is constantly afraid of a nuclear bomb falling from the sky.  The only thing that can get her through everything is listening to music and taking life one day at a time - since she never knows which day will be her last.

Using mixed-media such as song lyrics, photographs, speeches, and other snippets from 1962, Countdown by Deborah Wiles creates a world which children in grades 5 and up can easily relate to while also learning about the Cold War and its effects on an everyday family.  

For 5th grade and older. 

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