Monday, July 09, 2012


A child asks his librarian, Ms. Reeder, if he can bring Woolly the mammoth to the library. Woolly can help with so many things at the library if only he would not create a chaos. For instance, Woolly could help with the shelving if he would not get stuck between the shelves causing a big mess, throwing all the books on the floor, or if he could make less noise when he walks. When Mayor Pinchpenny comes with overdue books and refuse to pay all fines, Woolly would grab him by his legs and turn him  upside down and shake him until all the coins come out of his pocket.

This hilarious story is full of funny illustrations. Children will not only enjoy Woolly, but also learn rules and practices of a library such as how to acquire a library card, how to behave in the library, and how important the library is to its community. For Ages 5-8. Can I Bring Woolly to the Library, Ms. Reeder? is written by Lois G. Grambling and is illustrated by Judy Love.

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