Monday, July 02, 2012


Poppy, the little pig, is a talented skater who makes it to the World Games of ice skating competitions. The games are far away and Poppy is scared, but her friends and family  encourage her and give her great advice.  When she arrives at the games in Paris, Poppy is very excited and scared at the same time about meeting so many new people.  Even though they all look different, are from different places, and are different animals, they all love sports and want to be friends.  Soon she learns that it is fun to make friends with competitors from all over the world.  

It's a Big World Little Pig written by Kristi Yamaguchi, illustrated by Tim Bowers.   The illustrations are colorful and fun and perfect for ages 5-6.  This book focuses on Poppy's family being proud of her performing to the best of her ability.  It also teaches children about following your dreams and not to let fear hold you back.  

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