Friday, June 22, 2012


The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens 

There’s a reason this book is popular. The writing is pitch-perfect and sweeps readers in immediately. “The Emerald Atlas” is the first in Stephen’s trilogy, “Books of Beginning.” It follows three orphans whose parent’s mysterious disappearance lands them in a string of orphanages. Ten years later, the children are adopted by Dr. Pym and move to a spooky, childless town. After some exploring, they discover a magic book that allows travel through time. Ultimately, they discover how the book connects to a prophecy, an evil witch, and their parents.

Fantasy buffs will notice similarities to Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia. But they won’t mind – the pacing, plot, and humor will keep them eagerly turning pages. Don’t expect something wholly original but do expect to be satisfied. 

A solid Harry Potter read-alike. For grades 4 – 7.

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