Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Pacy loves dumplings and the thought of dumplings is what keeps her spirit up at the thought of spending a whole month in Tawain instead of having a regular summer like her friends in New Hartford.  She doesn't speak the language, so her parents enroll her and her two sisters in a sort of enrichment class for Taiwanese American kids like herself.  Uggh... school in the summer. 

Taiwan is a different world from New Hartford except for the dumplings.  She didn't realize there were so many different kinds.  Everyone in her family gets into the dumpling mood and introduces her to soup dumplings, pan fried dumplings, the night market, chicken feet and most of all she gets to know all that is Taiwan and family.  

Dumpling Days by Grace Lin is a great culture-filled, food-filled book for readers 4th-6th.  

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