Friday, December 16, 2011


Several years have passed since Johnny’s parents announced that they would be spending Christmas with Johnny’s grandparents in Connecticut. One of his cherished memories was riding a beautiful hand-carved wooden horse on wheels. Johnny loves his little brother Liam and he would love to give that horse to his brother as a Christmas present. When the family arrives, Johnny discovers that the wooden horse has vanished. His grandfather tells him that the horse had never been returned from an antique toy exhibition where it was on display. Johnny wishes and wishes that the horse would be returned so that his little brother could experience the same joy that he had years before. Just before Christmas, Johnny wanders into his grandfather’s attic and search through some old trunks. In one of these trunks, Johnny finds the horse, but to his surprise, it was broken in pieces. Nevertheless, his father and grandfather offer themselves to restore the horse on time for Christmas to give to Johnny’s little brother as a gift. It would certainly make an excellent Christmas gift.! Classic Christmas book for family holidays and grandparents would love to share with their young grandchildren. Colorful book with beautiful pictures . Recommended for children 4-8. The Magical Christmas Horse written by Mary Higgins Clark, illustrated by Wendell Minor.

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