Friday, December 09, 2011


Little Man is a city boy with a big dream. He wants to be a drummer. He wants to take drum lessons and he needs a bike to transport him there. Little Man keeps practicing every day while taking on odd jobs to earn money for the bike. Despite his brother and friends making fun of his drum playing, he doesn’t get discouraged.

Soon he has enough confidence to play the drums at the local block party. His drumming not only has everyone up and dancing, it also turned his dreams into reality when his neighbors take up a collection for him. Now Little Man has money to buy a new bike to transport him to the drum lessons.

Motivating story full of ideas for kids to find good ways to get what they want. Little Man also includes an audio CD narrated by Dianne Warwick and also a demonstration of the parts of a drum set. Ages 4 and up. Written by Dianne Warwick and David Freeman, illustrated by Fred Willingham.

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