Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Lexie is an eleven year old girl that always loves her family’s summer vacation at the beach. Her parents have divorced and it's her first summer vacation away from her mother at her father's beach house. Unfortunately this year things will be a little different when she finds out that they’re having guests. Her father is inviting his girlfriend Vicky and her two children, a teenaged son and a very dirty three year old. Everything is wrong. Lexie does her best to be nice and to live up with her father’s expectations but her father is so immature and selfish that it is difficult. She just can’t take anymore and when she finds out her dad and Vicky are getting married she decides to confront her father. There is plenty of humor too that helps Lexie not to stay angry for so long. A nice book that helps parents to talk to children about divorce and remarriage and how it affects them. Ages 8-12. Written by Audrey Couloumbis.

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