Monday, August 29, 2011


If you have ever tried to make a paper airplane or made an attempt to fly a kite, than you should learn about the man who by observing birds, realized that objects could also fly as well... This man's name is Leonardo De Vinci and let's just say that he was one very cool man. He is also known for his other skills, such as painting, sculpting and drawing. But, you would be surprised to learn that with all his accomplishments, what bothered him the most was his inability to sculpt a huge horse out of bronze which was commissioned to him… He never did finish the sculpture and this haunted him even on his death bed... In the year 1977, a discovery was made...The rest, as they say is history, literally... LEONARDO'S HORSE by JEAN FRITZ is definitely what I would call a work of art!

For 3rd and up grades.

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