Tuesday, July 05, 2011


You might wonder what can a small, white- brownish mouse with pink ears teach you about life's hard lessons or the extend of adventures the little one might be able to embark on. How can it be possible for Fredle, who happens to be this mouse, fight raccoons, chickens, and humans? Well... get ready to be blown away by this precocious mouse's great discoveries and adventures in ways that only perhaps Superman could embark.
Fredle is such a curious and smart mouse that nothing in his surroundings satisfies him and even though he knows that certain things are not good for him, he still goes out and tries them anyway. Like for example, eating too much chocolate. However, he must pay for his "curiosities" in order to learn life's hard lessons...

YOUNG FREDLE by CYNTHIA VOIGT is a fun summer read not to be missed.

For grades 4th and up.

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