Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Jennifer, Children's Librarian at Montrose likes:

What would you choose, your freedom or your home? In the “Museum of Thieves,” Lian Tanner writes about a world where children are protected from every danger, even cuts and bruises. In the city of Jewel, they are chained to their parents and forced to obey the Blessed Guardians. When the age of “separation” is lowered, parents worry about the implications. Jewel is a safe place now but wasn’t always. Goldie, who’s only 12, learns this after running away. She discovers terrible secrets in the city’s museum. Jewel is in danger and Goldie must grow up, fast, in order to save it. The first book in a new trilogy.

A fast-paced, richly imagined fantasy. For grades 5-8.

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