Thursday, January 20, 2011


Meet a boy named Russel, now imagine that he lives in the year 1904 in the state of Indiana. All day long he dreams about everything except going to school. Actually, he dreams the most about not going to school completely and becoming part of any wheat threshing crew. However, all his dreams must come to an abrupt end since his teacher dies. His fantasies of taking over the school and destroying all school related things also don’t look as promising because his own sister has taken over the classroom and is in charge now. This is a fun book to read to compare the mischievous acts of kids then and now. Russel knows that when it comes to his sister, there is not much that he can get away with. THE TEACHER’S FUNERAL: A COMEDY IN THREE PARTS is by the well know author RICHARD PECK.

For grades 5th and up.

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