Friday, February 05, 2010


This grandma is round like a calabaza, a pumpkin, has a cat named Frida Kahlo, makes tortillas by hand to eat with breakfast, sings songs about her bedroom slippers and loves her work. Everyday she and her grandson gather up her props and stuff her jalopy with the things she needs for work--a temple with skinny stairs, a king and queen, stalks of corn, a skeleton, one sun, one moon, a plumed snake and a feathered crown. What job does she do with all of these things? Share My Abuelita by Tony Johnston (the Library's One Book/One Glendale author in 2008) with a child who loves stories and find the answer.

Photos of handmade dolls and Mexican crafts by Yuyi Morales enhance the experience in the lovely picture book for preschoolers and their lucky reader.

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