Monday, February 22, 2010


A poor man who worked countless hours with no luck or money decides to go and look for God to fix his problem. On his way, he meets a beautiful, wealthy unhappy woman, a dried up tree and a wolf that is always hungry. He promises them to find solution for them as well. God hearing this grants his wish of finding luck. Returning from the trip, he meets the tree and tells him that there is gold under the roots, also tells the woman that she should marry a man. When the tree and the woman suggest that he should be their savior, he rejects by trying to find his own luck. Finally, he tells the wolf that God told him to eat a foolish man and his hunger will be satisfied, the wolf hearing this, takes a quick breath and gabbles the foolish man. If you liked this story, than you will love the rest of the stories in the book, HOVHANNES TOUMANIAN, ARMENIAN FAIRY TALES.

For grades 5 and older

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