Monday, July 20, 2009


The Youngest Templar Keeper of the Grail - Michael Spradlin

After years of living in a monastery, Tristan, becomes a squire to Sir Thomas, a knight off to fight in the Crusades. Being an orphan, he would have to strike out on his own soon anyways, so why not take the Knight up on his offer of what seems like an unbelievably exciting future that would never come his way again.

It seems that all they do is battle and prepare for upcoming battles. But Tristan soon learns that they fight to that special and holiest of religious object, the Grail, safe. As Sir Thomas realizes the fortress will fall into the hands of the enemy, the Saracens,Tristan and his fellow squire are entrusted to secrety take The Grail safely back to England.

Travel from England to the Holy Land with Tristan as he learns the art of fighting, defend his master and begins the most dangerous journey of his life.
For readers 6th and older.

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