Wednesday, July 22, 2009


THE BEST MARIACHI IN THE WORLD/El mejor mariachi del mundo.

Gustavo is a boy who wants to be part of a Mariachi Band. Everyone in his family is in the band except for Gustavo. He becomes very sad. He goes out to the desert at nights and sing. Each night he stays longer until one night his family and all the town people hear him sing. Everyone is very much impressed how good he is until he finally joins the Mariachi band as a singer. Now he is the best mariachi in the world!
The story has an inspiring message about self confidence and determination.
Bilingual English-Spanish written by J.D. Smith, illustrated by Dani Jones. Ages 4-8.

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J.D. Smith said...

Thank you very much for mentioning The Best Mariachi in the World.

Dani Jones did wonderful things with my text, and I hope that your readers of all ages enjoy the book.