Monday, June 15, 2009


Being a trophy kid to one of the most powerful Hollywood Power couple can be a big challenge. Joe, who was only three years old when his mom and sister were killed during the war in Yugoslavia happens to be that kid. He is aware of the fact that the only reason his Hollywood parents adopted him was to show their circle of friends that they too can contribute to the well being of others. So you can only imagine how Joe felt when his parents left him all alone in order to attend a charity event to raise awareness for the orphans in the world, or when his parents threw a birthday party for him with kids Joe didn't even know. They were all for a show...

Things do take on a different path when Joe agrees to write an autobiography with the help of a reporter and more secrets of the Hollywood couple gets revealed. However, very unpredictable events do take place in his life, leading him to find things that he was missing all his life. A fun summer read. TROPHY KID OR HOW I WAS ADOPTED BY THE RICH AND FAMOUS by STEVE ATINSKY.

For grades 4th and up.

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