Friday, January 11, 2008


Meg and Edward are twins that don't get along at all. They are in constant fighting mood and one is terribly embarrassed of the other. Meg is smart, funny and full of wit whereas Edward is an underachiever who has no problem for being just that. Meg does not want anyone at school to know that they are in anyway related to one another. However, unexpectedly Meg gets tricked by her brother in believing that he is a rock singer who is going to be at her party. Knowing all her sister’s concerns Edward begins to think of all the different pranks that he can pull on her sister. This is a really fun story to read about sibling rivalry and it is written in an alternating narratives so you will be able to literally read about each side.

Mind this book and read it. NEVER MIND! by AVI and RACHEL VAIL.

For grades fifth and up.

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