Thursday, January 17, 2008


Becca thinks that she has "messed up" big time...But it is not easy to have a crazy mad scientist mother, a wacky father and two cross brothers and still not mess up. She feels trapped in her own house and has really hard time to adapt to her new neighborhood. She is in desperate need to make friends, however on top of all the craziness in her family, she is also home schooled. So you can imagine the difficulty of first finding friends and second who won't judge you because your parents mutter things that are not relevant to reality among other things.

She befriends her chickens hoping that they will be good listeners and that they will not judge her on her many unconventional situations. Becca is a very smart, a bit too reflective and very self-aware which make things worse for her. Here is a really cute, funny, insightful and fun story that will put a smile on your face while your reading it and long after you finish reading it. Consider reading Chicken Friend by Nicola Morgan.

For grades five and older.

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