Tuesday, November 06, 2007


It's 1995. Three adventurous boys set out on a typical field trip to the museum. They innocently try making their day more interesting, when suddenly...out of the blue...they end up 100 years in the future! They encounter annoying robots, anti-gravity flying discs and accidentally run into their granddaughters which could alter their futures forever! Exciting and fast-paced, good for boys and girls, 2095 by Jon Sciezka is another hilarious installment in the Time Warp Trio series. If you like this, try some others in the series like THE NOT-SO-JOLLY ROGER, YOUR MOTHER WAS A NEANDERTHAL, and DA WILD, DA CRAZY, DA VINCI! There's even Time Warp Trio in comic book style! For grades 3 and up.

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