Friday, November 09, 2007


Now here is a book that you can 'read' without really reading it. Confused already? Well, don't be because there are simply no words in it. It is a wordless book that is so satisfying and amazing that if there were words in it, they would have been just a mere distraction. You will go on to this visual journey feeling a bit confused in the beginning but once you realize what is on the other side, things would start to make sense to you. I do have to admit that it is not an easy book to 'read' since you need to look beyond to speculate the many points of views and perspectives that surround the characters and how they see things from the infinite sides of things. How can the other side have so many sides? ISTVAN BANYAI who has created a really cool book called THE OTHER SIDE is on the children's side of the library and you can check it out because it really is worth the 'read' :)

For grades third and up.

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