Friday, April 13, 2007


This is a hilarious twist on the classic fairy tale Princess and the Frog. However, these two are not living the "happily ever after" lives as promised in the books. The princess cannot believe why she kissed this slimy creature in the first place. They are always fighting about many things. They are miserable, so miserable that the prince leaves the castle in hopes of finding a witch that will turn him back into a frog and he can go on living his old life.
He does meet many witches on his way, however none of them can help him since they give him a hint as to what will happen to him. A nasty spell, a poisoned apple, etc. Helpless, he realizes few things about life... You need to read this book to find out if the prince will turn back into a frog or if he will find a way to live the "happily ever after" with his princess? This book is called The Frog Princess Continued by Jon Scieszka and the pictures are by Steve Johnson

For grades 1 through 5.

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