Saturday, April 21, 2007


Most likely you haven't. But Lenny and Mel have. These two brothers are pretty wacky. That's probably why their parents suggested that they join an after school club. Maybe so they could cause a little less trouble at home and a little more at school? Well it turns out that there isn't a monkey club at their school. Actually they're not really sure which club to join. So they join the newspaper club, only temporarily though, to do some investigative reporting on their club options. And lets just say they uncover some pretty interesting facts about these clubs. Not only that, they get to try all sorts of new things. When Mel takes on a soap carving project, he decides to cut the big soap into tiny rectangles. Why you ask? He explains that is "for people who have trouble with, or are afraid of, big soap."

You'll have to read Erik P. Kraft's
Lenny and Mel : After-School Confidential to find out more about their zany club search.

For grades 3 and up.

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