Wednesday, November 08, 2006


A Room With a Zoo
by Jules Feffier

You absolutely have to have one. You can't stop thinking about it. You really really really need a pet dog. I mean really. The only thing that stands in your way is time. Your parents tell you that once you turn 10.5, then you'll be old enough. But what if you're only 9. What do you do you in the meantime? You convince your parents of a cat. So Timmy joins the household. You're so excited! Except there's a problem. Timmy is M-O-O-D-Y! He won't let you pet him and he keeps hiding. Ok let's forget Timmy for awhile. So Hammy the hamster joins the household. And he's wayyyy friendlier. Now that you have two pets there's no reason they can't be friends right? Even if Hammy might make Timmy a little hungry? You get many warnings from your family, but they don't know everything, do they? Well, it turns out that in this case they do! Hammy makes it alive though. But Timmy needs someone to take his mind off Hammy. And that someone is Oscar.But it doesn't end there. Before Julie is done with the school year she'll have even more guests living in her room including Reddy 1, Reddy 2, Turtelini, Butch, Jessie, and Stitches.

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