Friday, October 20, 2017


Won't you be my neighbor friend? At first Bunny and Dog keep to themselves on opposite sides of the same fence, observing but never interacting with each other. But over the course of this sweet picture book, these neighbors who see one another every day but never speak eventually grow to be good friends. Bunny lives in a blue house with a cozy reading nook (and lots and lots of cocoa), but a sign on the mailbox says BUNNY HOUSE PRIVATE. Meanwhile, Dog lives in a red house with a comfy spot for eating biscuits and reading, but a sign on the mailbox says DOG HERE DO NOT DISTURB. They study each other through their mutual white picket fence, but neither one says hello, or hi, or nice to see you today. But one night--the night they both look up to see a wondrous shooting star--something changes, and the two come together to share their snacks and some good company.   

On the Night of the Shooting Star, written by Amy Hest and illustrated by Jenni Desmond, is a delightfully heartfelt tale of looking beyond our literal and metaphorical fences to find friendship and community in a sometimes lonely world--and is a wonderful match for preschool through second graders. 

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