Thursday, January 05, 2017


Little Elliot and Mouse venture off to Coney Island and Mouse is very excited to show Little Elliot all the attractions at the amusement park.  Upon arrival, Little Elliot is overwhelmed by the rides and attractions.  Mouse tries to help his friend find rides that are more suitable for his pace.  

Will Elliot overcome his fears and try some of the rides?  Will the two friends enjoy their experience at the amusement park? 

Little Elliot Big Fun by Mike Curato is the third book in the Little Elliot series.  This book teaches us about friendship and how we can be different from one another but still enjoy each other’s company. This is also a great story to help children deal with anxiety when approaching new things.  A lovely story with beautiful illustrations makes it a great read aloud for children ages 2 and up. 

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