Monday, November 28, 2016


A review by Adam: 

Trenton Lee Stewart, author of The Mysterious Benedict Society series, is back with The Secret Keepers, a new mystery where an ordinary boy goes on the adventure of a lifetime.

Living in a tiny, rundown apartment, Reuben Pedley and his widowed mother spend their evenings together dreaming and drawing up blueprints for magical homes filled with firefighter poles and hidden staircases. During the day, while his mother is at work, Reuben spends his solitary afternoons wandering the streets of New Umbra. As he explores the nooks and crannies of the city Reuben tries his best to avoid the searching eyes of the Directions, a group of sinister men who terrorize the citizens of New Umbra under the orders of a secretive and tyrannical figure known only as The Smoke.

One day while climbing up a perilously tall building Reuben comes upon a mysterious pocket watch. To Reuben’s surprise the watch doesn’t tell time, but instead gives Reuben an incredible power and launches him on a whirlwind journey as he attempts to stay one step ahead of The Smoke’s searching grasp and uncover the secret behind the watch’s mysterious origin.

4th to 8th graders will love the twists and turns Reuben’s journey takes, and will delight in uncovering the book’s many mysteries along with Reuben.​​

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