Monday, March 02, 2015


Two hilarious graphic novels (comic books) which somehow got missed: Sidekicks by Dan Santat  and Mr. Pants: It's Go Time! by Scott McCormick and R. H. Lazzell.  
Mr. Pants and his siblings are cats but his mom is human and once you can suspend that belief, the can story begin. Mr. Pants is not very nice and he always wants things his way. He tries to manipulate his family members to go along with his way of thinking.  Hmmm... sound like any family members you know?

For readers in 2nd and up.

Sidekicks is Dan Santat's  full color graphic novel about a human superhero who is the town superhero but he's off his game due to a bad allergic reaction during a capture and decides maybe he needs a sidekick to help him out. His house pets go into overdrive to come up with ways to get ready for the audition but they soon discover his old sidekick, the cat, is still alive and secretly working his own form of vigilante justice in the dark alleys. This is graphic novel is colorful, action packed and a whole lot of wacky fun.  

For readers in 4th and up.

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