Wednesday, February 26, 2014


When Clara Lee wakes up from a dream about her grandfather's death, she's terrified.  That HAS to be a bad dream, right?  Luckily Clara's grandfather is a dream expert and tells her that her dream actually means she will have good luck.  And good luck seems to come her way all day at school.  She gets the best seat on the bus, a surprise candy necklace in her desk, and kimchi at dinner.  What more could she want?  

Clara hopes that her good luck will extend until she competes in the Little Miss Apple Pie contest so that she can represent her town on a parade float in the town's apple celebration.  Will Clara's good luck crown her Little Miss Apple Pie or will Clara earn that honor all on her own by overcoming her fear of public speaking?

Join Clara Lee as she explores what is means to be a fourth-grade Korean American in Clara Lee and the Apple Pie Dream by Jenny Han.  

For kids in grades 3 and 4.

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