Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Frankie Joe is a total misfit within his new family.  His mom will be in jail for awhile. He's being sent to live with a dad he barely knows all the way in Illinois, far far away from his trailer park home on the border of the Chihuahua Desert in Laredo, Texas.  His half-brothers are not very welcoming, especially the oldest, who is now bumped to the second place and boy does he hate that.  There's nothing more important to Matt than being number one.  Come the first day of school and Frankie Joe finds out he hasn't been going to school enough to put him in the sixth-grade, so he's going to be demoted and be in the same class as Matt!  Arrrghhh!  The injustice and loneliness sets him on a path to scheme and plot his way back to Laredo.  

Frankie Joe is trapped in a small town with all kinds of rules not suited to a young free spirit like himself.  All he wants is to be reunited with his mom and go back to the trailer park and hang out with his retired friends just like before.  Life just threw him a curve ball and all he can do is be Freaky Fast Frankie Joe and make a new start for himself.  

An endearing coming of age story by Lutricia Clifton for readers in grades 6-8th.  

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