Wednesday, November 07, 2012


She is called Earwig, however her given name is Erica Wigg and she is an orphan who never knew her parents.  Earwig is not the stereotypical orphan who is sad and lonely, on the contrary she is a happy girl, living in the orphanage and getting everything she wants.There is pretty much no chance for her to be adopted since she is older than the other children and her ordinary looks wouldn’t usually make her an ideal pick for an interested family.  However, life is unpredictable and so Earwig’s life is no exception…  Because one day, an unusual couple while visiting the orphanage hand picks Earwig as their daughter and as they say, the rest is all magic…(literally speaking, that is…)  Now, Earwig needs to learn all the secrets of witch crafting and magic, the question becomes...will it be possible?   EARWIG AND THE WITCH by DIANA WYNNE JONES is illustrated by PAUL O. ZELINSKY is an inventive and fun story that will amuse and entertain you.
For grades 4th and up. 

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