Wednesday, February 29, 2012


From Jennifer, Children's Librarian at the Montrose Branch Library

Close to Famous by Joan Bauer 

If you think cupcakes are fluff, you’re wrong. Baking can get you through hard times. That’s what Foster McFee learns from her Food Network idol, Sonny Kroll. Foster’s life hasn’t been easy. After losing her dad, Foster’s mom dates an abusive Elvis impersonator. One day, they pack the car and move abruptly. Their only hope being – to start over.

Life is different in Culpepper, where they settle. But when things are tough, Foster bakes. Soon, her baking skills gain notoriety and she’s getting cupcake orders from a local café. With the help of new friends, including a former movie star, Foster blossoms. She faces her troubles, one cupcake at a time. And by the end, inadvertently, you might have faced yours.

A funny, realistic, and touching read. For grades 5-8.

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