Friday, November 18, 2011


Cole is twelve years old. Having been raised only by his mother, Cole is getting in trouble again at school for the last months. He’s bored in classes and between not attending school for the last four weeks and staying out late wandering around the streets with his friends, he’s at risk of getting kicked out of the school. Cole is pushing his mother too far; therefore she is driving Cole to Philadelphia where she intends to leave him in his father’s care, Harper, whom he never met before. Cole finds himself abandoned and rejected by his mother in the ghetto and left with a stranger whom he is told to be is his father. This is the last place Cole would expect to find a horse. He does not like horses cause he finds them large and intimidating. It is also hard for him to accept the fact that someone can be a black cowboy in the middle of the ghetto. Harper his father, is one of the Philadelphia’s urban cowboy, building stables and rescuing old racehorses to bring into the neighborhood where he lives. There, the cowboys care for horses, teaching the neighborhood kids to ride and care for the horses as well. Even the gang members respect the area not bringing guns and fights to the area.
In one occasion, a storm causes great damage to the stables, and the city’s authorities moves in and claims neglecting of the horses. When some horses are taken away, including Boo, the horse that Cole was slowly growing attached to, the young boy decides it’s time to act.
Written by G. Neri, illustrated by Jesse Joshua Watson. Real life scenario. Recommended for 6th graders and up.

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