Monday, July 12, 2010


If you have been enjoying Rick Riordan's books such as the Lighting Thief, than you are to sure enjoy Medusa Jones. However, one of the cool differences is that Medusa Jones is a girl... She is one feisty, smart and cool girl that has a best friend who also happens to be half horse but still, she does not understand why that would be an issue and why her school mates are mean to her.

The question arises... will she ever use her special abilities to turn people into stone or will she find more traditional ways to deal with people that are getting on her nerves. In addition, Medusa also has to deal with the occasional hair issue that every girl has, the difference though is that Medusa's hair turns into snakes, so on top of all the things that she has to deal with, now she also needs to worry about her "headsnakes" as well. MEDUSA JONES by ROSS COLLINS.

For grades 4th and up.

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