Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Griffin and Ben are back in another Gordon Korman adventure. Luthor, the guard dog from Swindle is now in the care of Savannah, animal lover and whisperer extraordinaire. Luthor and his best friend Cleo, a capuccin monkey, are inseparable until Cleo goes missing. All attempts to find her turn up empty handed until a class field trip to a miserable floating zoo finds Savannah and her classmates face to face with the missing pet. Mr. Nastase, the owner of the zoo refuses to acknowledge Cleo as Savannah's pet so what's a girl and her friends to do but to hatch an escape plan.

Operation Zoobreak doesn't go as planned when Savannah wants to rescue ALL the zoo animals. When her place to shelter the animals falls through, everyone has to hide them anywhere they can. Griffin, Ben and their friends are once again involved in a hilarious adventure to free not just one but forty animals.

Zoobreak by Gordon Korman is animal lovers in 4th -6th grade.

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