Friday, May 22, 2009


Two robbers happen to be in love with the same woman who is hiding the fact that she is two -timing them. Both of the robbers are determined to make this woman their future wife and they will do all that is possible in their power to achieve this. However, things become more complicated and twisted when they agree to make this quest as part of a contest. Whoever wins the contest out of the two will be able to marry her. The contest is not going to be easy to win since both of them are clever and full of good ideas. However, after winning the contest, things start going in different directions. Could it be that neither of them want her anymore? Or is it just one of their clever games? THE CONTEST: AN ARMENIAN FOLKTALE by NONNY HOGROGIAN is a fun read that will be enjoyed by everyone.

For grades 2nd and up.

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